spring self-care bundle

spring self-care bundle

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you are emerging from the darkness and cold of the winter season, breathe deeply and feel the expansiveness and rebirth of spring!

as you transition from winter to spring, what layers are you shedding? besides the layers and layers of clothing that provided warmth and comfort for many months, what else will you shed during this transition? will you leave behind negative patterns or habits, relationships or thoughts that are not serving you? and what do you want to welcome into your life with open hands and heart?

take this seasonal transition to pause, and reflect on how you want to live your days during this coming season. set new intentions, create a mantra that will guide you this springtime and gently pull you back in when you lose your way. spring is a time of opening up, feeling the hope that comes with warmer temperatures, green shoots peeking out of the ground, and our bodies feeling lighter.

you surely have things you want to release, let this be the season to do just that. start something new! let go of things you don't want in your life anymore! breathe deeply, care for yourself, and ensure that the life you're living is aligned with what you truly want.

this self-care bundle supports YOU as you move through this shift from winter to spring. spring is about newness, letting go, and starting over. this bundle of products will support you as you care for yourself, allowing you to show up in the world as the most complete version of yourself. when you care for yourself, you will be more able to shed those emotional burdens that you've been holding onto and shine your bright light on those around you.

awakening sugar scrub will literally encourage you to shed those layers that no longer serve you. as you scrub, offer love & gratitude to your body for all that it does, and think of everything else that you are letting go of as we shift towards spring.

shea butter cream will nourish your dry winter skin with the deeply healing ingredients of shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and vitamin. the light grapefruit scent will awaken your senses to this new season. as you massage this healing cream into your skin, remind yourself of your intentions this season so that you don't lose your way.

an herbal sachet is a beautiful handmade object that you can keep in your clothing drawers, next to your pillow, on your chest as you nap, or just anywhere you need a reminder to let peace and ease into your life.

place the bouquet of dried larkspur from pluck flower farm somewhere in your home where you will see it often, like your kitchen table or nightstand. whenever it catches your eye, you will be reminded to reconnect to your intentions and welcome in love with an open heart.

enjoy a cup of spring herbal tonic tea as you move through your day or while you take a break to connect to your intentions for this season.

if you find yourself struggling to feel the lightness and hope of spring, this bundle will guide you along your journey into this new season. each of these items is designed to serve as a gentle, tangible reminder of whatever it is that YOU want and need these upcoming months so that you can live the life you want.

gift this bundle to yourself or a loved one as we transition into this new season as we shed the burdens of winter and welcome in the growth of spring. you deserve it!

self-care is community care!



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